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“Success As A Herbalife Distributor Is Not About The Product Or Service…It’s About Your Mindset And Your Ability To SELL The Products And Business Opportunity…”

Watch This Video From Christopher Reid Below About Creating REAL Success As A Herbalife Distributor And The Network Marketing Industry As A Whole…
I truly believe that the Herbalife business opportunity is one of the most unique and LUCRATIVE home business opportunities existing today for 3 VERY specific reasons.

1) The Wellness Industry is NO DOUBT a major opportunity for wealth creation… and

2) Herbalife’s PROVEN history and solid foundation ensures it will be around 20 years from now long after you have retired to the beaches of the world sipping Pina Coladas under coconut trees.

3) I also believe there will seriously rarely be another time in our lives when we are at the beginning of something so much cutting edge and industry changing TECHNOLOGY that allows you to work from home, part time and create the financial security or freedom you truly desire.

The Herbalife Business Opportunity is the real deal when it comes to creating true freedom from home in network marketing. That’s why I want to teach you the REAL principles you need to succeed at virtually anything you do.

Success with Herbalife, or in the network marketing industry in general, really comes down to your understanding of two key principles: Mindset and Marketing.


Your mindset is what will lay the groundwork for your success. I have seen time and time again how many people have created AMAZING results in their life because of the way they acted as a person. The network marketing industry is all about growth and development.

You must start developing yourself into a true entrepreneur. A true entrepreneur is someone who takes full and utter responsibility for his or her success. It takes commitment, perseverance, motivation, growth, and internal awareness to really be successful in this industry.

Developing a true entrepreneurial mindset starts with the shattering of your limiting belief systems, insecurities, and fears. Once you can look within yourself and see the areas where you need to grow, you can empower yourself to transcend them.

Truly successful entrepreneurs are those who are empowered… people who see the inherent power they have within and are driven by desire to create more abundance, not only for themselves, but for others as well.

The network marketing industry is a beautiful way to connect with other like-minded people, build strong relationships, and work together to create more abundance as a team… and when more people are financially free, there will naturally be more peace, passion, and love circulating among us.

Leadership is also a key component of mindset. In order for you to truly be successful in this industry, you must start thinking, believing, and acting like a leader. People are naturally attracted to strong, self-sufficient, and motivating leaders. The faster you can start to see yourself as a leader and someone worth following, the faster and easier you will see success.

We teach you EXACTLY how to develop yourself into the kind of entrepreneur and leader who is capable of manifesting real wealth and success. To get more information, call us at +61-02-9363-4990


Network marketing is based on the premise of warm market prospecting, which means approaching family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, and everyone within your “warm market”. This is definitely a fundamental aspect of the industry, but many network marketers run out of people to talk to very quickly…

In order to build a massively successful Herbalife network marketing organization,you must always have a continual stream of new prospects to talk to about your business. Although warm market prospecting is a crucial piece of the puzzle, real marketing knowledge can greatly expand your sphere of influence.

There is an enormous amount of potential within technology and the internet. When you can master cutting-edge internet marketing strategies, you will have advantages to building your business that literally 99% of network marketers are not even aware of.

Success with internet marketing is a real science… It comes down to how much qualified traffic you can generate and how well you can convert that traffic to leads, and then hopefully new business partners. So, in essence, it is all about traffic and conversions.

Within the scope of the internet, there are a vast number of possibilities and different strategies that you can take advantage of. The more traditional internet marketing strategies include things like PPC (pay per click/ search engine advertising) and solo ads. But the trends these days are clearly heading towards web 2.0, or social networking.

Social networking communities are extremely powerful and very profitable. They include sites like Twitter, YouTube, MySpace, Squidoo, and Facebook, and also include mediums such as article marketing, forum marketing, and blogging.

Within these social networking communities, you can use the principles of attraction marketing to attract like-minded people to YOU. This definitely turns the tables on traditional networking because you are no longer “hunting” anyone down… you become the “hunted”.

Marketing is really such an integral part of your success as a network marketer, whether it is warm market, internet marketing, or offline advertising. A solid marketing game-plan with a strong, leadership mindset will get you very very far in this industry.

We will show you exactly how to be at the cutting-edge of marketing online so that you will be able to build a massively successful Herbalife business more simply and easily than you ever thought possible.

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What Does Success Mean To You? Do You Even Think About Success?

Listen In As Christopher Reid Explains What Success Means To Him!

Success means different things to every body… what does success REALLY mean to you?

If you don’t know what you truly want, then how will you know when you are successful?

Having a clear goal of what you want, and a plan to make it real is what you really need to enjoy all the success you can ever want in life!

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